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In addition to this, we predict the future on the basis of Dasha, Antardasha and Mahadasha astrology. Astrology services provided by us prove as a source of providing appropriate remedies to recover from the. Have a requirement?

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Ask for more details from the seller Contact Seller. Product Details. Product Description We are also indulged in providing services related to Nadi Jyotish. Product Image. When a person will get married? A Complete Website on Indian Astrology You have arrived at the site of Indian Astrology which contains purposeful and meaningful books , articles, courses , predictions on Astrology. There are about crores people in the world. If we divide total population of the world in 12 parts we arrive at figure of 50 crores.

According to the principles of Nadi Astrology the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal sub divisions of Signs with equal subdivisions of the 27 Nakshatras.

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These Nakshatras are further subdivided into unequal "Sub lords". For predicting each event not a single House but combination of Houses is taken into consideration. For Timing each event Vimshottari Dasa is used with Transits. Our Astrology Services.

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Life Predictions If you want to know about your future this site offers you life time predictions on the basis of your horoscope erected with the help of your date time and place of birth. Description on all major events of life i. There are tales of accurate predictions, so it's not possible to say that Nadi astrology doesn't have merit.

However, the problem lies in being able to find an astrologer that's authentic and has the right leaf. The vast majority of them don't. The tedious process of finding the right leaf is carried out firstly by taking a thumb print.

The 'Exact Science' Of Nadi Jothidam | Nirmukta

The lines on the thumb are classified into various types and the palm leaves are arranged according to these types. There are categories of thumb prints, and for each type there are four to five bundles of leaves. Each bundle of leaves has 12 chapters containing names, life details, and past life details.

If you want all 12 chapters read, you'll have to pay accordingly. The appropriate leaf is identified through a process of elimination. The astrologer asks a series of questions and answers related to the information on the leaves selected. In order for your exact leaf to be found, you need to respond "yes" to all the questions for a leaf.

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The astrologers will frame their questions in a way that enables them to obtain personal information, and then reconstruct it to give a prediction. They also play on people's fears, and will always suggest expensive remedies to correct "problems" such as sins from past births that they identify. I visited a Nadi astrologer in Mumbai because I was curious about the practice.

He predicted that I would be in a vehicle accident, and that certainly didn't come true.