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Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone. The moon in Cancer connects with Mars at AM, giving you a second wind late at night—or an energetic early morning start, depending on your time zone. The moon squares off with Uranus at AM, bringing surprises. The moon enters fiery Leo, putting you in a passionate mood. The moon enters your opposite sign Leo today, Aquarius, bringing your focus to your relationships.

Love Compatibility

Expect surprising conversations to come your way, but sort out the details on another day because confusing energy is in the air. The moon enters Leo today, finding you in a busy mood and tackling your to-do list. However, communication planet Mercury clashes with your ruling planet Neptune, and confusion is in the air! Keep your itinerary light.

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The moon enters fellow fire sign Leo today, Aries, finding you in a celebratory mood! Just watch out for misunderstandings, and try to keep things light today! The moon enters warm and generous fire sign Leo today, lighting up the home and family sector of your chart. Keep things simple today because confusion is in the air.

The moon enters Leo today and lights up the communication sector of your chart.

Leo weekly 24th December 7th Jan 2019 Moving on

Try to keep conversations light because your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Neptune today and miscommunications abound. The moon enters fiery Leo, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your finances.

December 24th Birthday Horoscope

You have been ignoring some information about your partner but you need to realize that this will not make it go away. Instead, you need to factor that in as you analyze the dynamics of your relationship. You may have to take some tough decisions at this time. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.

A rare job opportunity is going to knock on your door today.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life This Week: June 24, 12222

The idea may sound somewhat risky and novel to you, but if you act on it, you can give a new turn to your career. The time is right to take risks and go after what you really want to do with your life rather than sticking to the safe and narrow path. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Leo weekly and Leo monthly horoscope.

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