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Zone 4 e Rus. Zone 5 e Indian T. Zone 6 e N. Sumatra T. In some very rare cases a user may have better information about time zones and daylight saving time than the database used here. For example, there are areas of doubt for some years in Vietnam, and for many parts of the former Soviet Union. In such cases it may be necessary to select a manual time zone in the pull-down list.

To return to automatic time zone, please select the top item in the list. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 1. Current Planets. Birth Data Entry. Birth Date Entry Please, enter day, month, and year of birth. Special Date Entry: Years before A. If the year 79 A. For the year 5 A.

Astrology Calculation Formula

The program usually assumes Gregorian calendar dates. If a Julian calendar date is required, please, enter "jul" after the year number, e. For most historical data before the year you will want to enter "jul". We have decided not to take care of the calendar switch by an automatic feature. Many history books have converted historical dates to the Gregorian system, while other sources have kept the dates in the original Julian system.

There is no way for our computer to know what your source of the birth data did in regard to this calendar conversion. Years B. Attention, the astronomical year counting is to be used. The historical year 3 B. The difference arises from the fact that the historical counting style has no year zero, while the astronomical style allows for the year zero. If you wish a chart of the moment, please, leave the first name field empty and type "now" into the last name field.

After selecting a unique place and pressing the "continue" button, the date and time of the moment will be filled into the form. Please use astronomical rather than historical year numbers. The astronomical year 0 corresponds to the historical year BCE. The Gregorian calendar is usually not used before 15 October Please append "jul" to the year number, unless you really want to choose the Gregorian calendar.

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Do you really want to cast a chart for the year 0, thus for a future event? Birth Time Entry Please select the hour of birth in the hour field, and enter the minute between 00 and 59 in the minute field.

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This gives you the strategic advantage in life to be a Winner. Remedies to solve harmful planetary combinations are provided in your Janampatri. These are long term and generally permanent in nature. If you are not happy with the Janampatri for any reason whatsoever, we will make all possible efforts to help you.

Just reach out to us and we will take care. GaneshaSpeaks was launched in the year by Bejan Daruwalla is a pioneer in more than one ways.

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The company now boasts of an impressive portfolio of running and upcoming products, services and brands. Astrology is the most comprehensive way to uncover who you really are and who you're meant to become? Astrology is a natural companion to psychology. If psychology is defined as the study of the soul, then Astrology is the study of the soul through the language of the stars.

Yes,We believe in proactive action, and certainly don't recommend resigning yourself to fate. Although, the end result remains largely in your hands, our analyses, suggestions and solutions shall help you negate ill-influences and take better, calculated decisions. Absolutely yes! We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may. Bejan Daruwalla. They are really the best. I feel blessed to seek your support and efficient timely services from your best team members who are enthusiastic and too honest. This will help me tremendously in my decision making.

Thank you. I want to Highly recommend to my friend. You have helped me to look at all areas of myself. Now I will try to be more aware of the areas that need correction or at least will give a thought.

New – Free astrology birth chart

Getting this prediction from GaneshaSpeaks for myself was a blessing. I am thankful to your team.

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Detailed analysis pertaining to some of the areas are very good for e. Education, Married life etc. Some of the recommendations are also spot on. Thanks for the effort. I got the answer to my questions. I am thankful to the team of GaneshaSpeaks. Your personalised predictions are even more accurate. Keep up the good work. Review by Arun Ganguly, Dubai. This report has provided my business analysis more accurate than my accounts!!

He he!! Thanks to the team Review by Mr. Ranka, Mumbai. I knew I wanted to go abroad for higher studies but didn't know the auspicious time to start the procedures and go overseas. The Studying Abroad report helped me know the right time to apply for admission, viza and complete other legal formalities. I had a smooth sailing all throughout and, in my opinion, it was all because of the fact that I followed what was said in the report.

Free Vedic Birth Chart Analysis by Date of Birth

Review by Sukriti Nandi, Goa. GaneshaSpeaks is like a family now to me. I have consulted them often, and the results have been good, and their analysis straightforward. I also took their service while getting the Janampatri of both my children, and even my husband's a few years back, when he was planning for a major move. I have always liked their service. Review by Sudha, Mumbai. This product is Summary of your future. It gave all the highlights of my complete life. It was exciting to know that I have chances to go abroad. I also got the important and fruitfull years in my life.

Review by Jaymin, Gangtok.

Chinese Zodiac God Birth Chart Calculator | Learning Chinese Five Element Astrology

I got Janampatri for my child. It gave all the details about phases in my child's life. They told the problems which my child may face, which career he should choose, his financial status, etc. They also told the years and phases from which my child should be aware Review by Kirtan, Lucknow. I took the Janampatri of my daughter from GaneshaSpeaks.

FREE BIRTH CHART CALCULATOR!!! - Happy Holiday’s from me to you!

We believe a lot in this. And, even my mother had got it done from a local pandit. But, I was not very sure, so I got this. And, let me tell you their analysis was very clear. We have an idea about how my daughter will be in her education and life now.